Revolutionizing the Recovery Process


Cearna OcuMend gel pads accelerate patient recovery to minimize bruising, swelling and pain








The Only Patented Bruising and Swelling Solution Backed by Science

Ultra-penetrating technology creates new status quo for patient recovery & satisfaction.

Designed for dermal fillers (Juvederm® & Restylane®) and facial plastic surgery

Medical grade arnica and ledum hydrogel pads 50 times the potency of any other product

Nearly 100% of patients were likely to recommend OcuMend to a friend






Cutting-edge Technology Supported by Aesthetics Industry Leaders


Nima Shemirani, MD

Amy Taub, MD

Craig Teller, MD

Parker Velargo, MD

Heidi Waldorf, MD

Steven Weiner, MD

Lisa Kang, MD

Kian Karimi, MD

Lorrie Klein, MD

Wendy Lee, MD

Mary Lupo, MD

Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS

Tina Alster, MD

Jason Bloom, MD

Suzanne Bruce, MD

Sue Ellen Cox, MD

Patti Flint, MD, PC

Mark Glasgold, MD


Results Proven by Clinical Trials*

*Kang JY, Tran KD, Seiff SR, Mack WP, Lee WW. “Assessing the Effectiveness of Arnica montana and Rhododendron tomentosum (Ledum palustre) in the Reduction of Ecchymosis and Edema After Oculofacial Surgery: Preliminary Results.” Ophthalmic Plast Reconstr Surg. 2017.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

At Cearna, we prioritize customer relationships, so we promise to deliver exceptional value, service and products at every touchpoint.

We trust completely in OcuMend’s unique formulation and efficacy. However, we also recognize that occasionally factors outside of our control can impact our results. For any feedback, please contact us at or 630-740-4580.



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