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Arnica Adverse Events; 3 things you should know

cearna - arnica-montanaThe Journal of the American Medical Association reported that arnica is the most common adjunct therapy used during septorhinoplasty surgery. Despite its widespread use, significant misunderstandings surround the regulation and safety of homeopathic arnica (1). This is the
beginning of a series of educational emails written by leading homeopath, Dr. Josephine Polich, aimed at educating aesthetic practitioners.


Unlike herbals, homeopathic arnica is considered a drug by the FDA. Similar to other OTC drugs, there is an FDA monograph that defines the requirements including manufacturer, labeling, and use.


The foremost priority in practitioners’ minds is ensuring the safety of arnica. We reviewed 11 published studies on homeopathic arnica for a wide spectrum of treatments (2-12).

  • In general, Arnica was well-tolerated in all 11 clinical studies.
  • 2% of 789 patients showed adverse events due to arnica.
  • Patients should be told to discontinue topical applications if skin irritation is noticed.

6 out of the 11 studies reviewed had no adverse events reported, or adverse effects were less severe than patients who received the placebo (497 subjects studied).

4 out of the 11 studies reported adverse events (292 subjects studied). The only adverse event across the studies was skin irritation or rash with topical application, which occurred in about 5% of the population using gels. This is consistent with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons “Arnica Safety and Efficacy Report (13).” Consequently, patients should be informed that they should discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs with topical arnica gels.


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