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Enhanced Outcome Protocol

I’m writing with an update on the treatment protocol for OcuMend pads. After extensive research, we developed an Enhanced Outcome Protocol (EOP) that improves recovery even for worst-case-scenario bruisers.A few months ago, we introduced the OcuMend Challenge and asked practitioners to evaluate the EOP on patients who experienced the most severe bruising.

The results were exceptional. Bruising was virtually eliminated, even for patients who previously bruised for ten days.The efficacy of OcuMend’s hydrogel technology increases with surface area. By increasing the number of pads, the EOP can deliver better results and improved recovery.We can’t promise no patients will bruise. But with the EOP, most patients didn’t bruise at all or had only light, easily coverable bruises. Patients who had suffered from the longest-lasting side effects left completely satisfied.Thanks to your elite technique and commitment to patient care, we can shift the paradigm of patient recovery together. With the EOP, you can confidently tell patients that your new treatment protocol virtually eliminates bruising. This promise is a sea change in patient recovery and a valuable tool to promote your practice. By posting on social media and including the EOP in patient instructions, you can differentiate your office for patients concerned about downtime.