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Patient Testimonial

I had upper blepharoplasty surgery (upper eyelids) and used Cearna OcuMend healing gel pads to minimize post-surgery bruising, swelling and pain; and, to accelerate the healing process.

WOW!!!! They worked as advertised and my healing process was painless and fast. I was mobile immediately and able to quickly resume my normal life. I did not need pain medication nor ice, which is the traditional post-surgical process. That is HUGE! Icing every twenty minutes for the first 48 hours after surgery is a major hassle and often disables the patient, making it difficult to work on the computer, read, watch TV and be fully mobile. With the OcuMend pads, I was fully functioning immediately, and had none of the afore-mentioned drawbacks. Not having to ice to achieve this quick recovery is “priceless” to me!

Here is my story. My girlfriend and I had eyelid surgery the same day, with the same doctor. I had only my upper eyelids done, while she had her uppers and lowers done. I opted to try the OcuMend gel pads, and she opted to use the traditional healing method of icing. We both followed the doctor’s prescribed protocol of rest and limited activities for the first few days, with gradual resumption of more routine activities after suture removal (7 days) and warm compresses occasionally. What a difference in our recoveries! I was fully functional from the minute I left the doctor’s office wearing the gel pads (even stopping for coffee on the way home!) whereas my friend’s recovery was slower, with discomfort from the pain and icing.

I followed the OcuMend directions of wearing the gel pads for 48 hours straight, changing them every six hours (except during night when I slept through and changed immediately upon waking). For the next four days, I only had to wear the pads for three hours each day. I NEVER ICED nor took pain medication. I had no surgical after-effects of sleepiness, pain, discomfort, or inability to see clearly or function normally. My swelling was minimal; the naturally occurring bruising incision continued to heal. All in all I experienced a very pleasant and fast healing process.

My friend had a very different experience. Because she needed to ice her eyes on/off for the first 48 hours, she was bed/couch-bound and not able to move around freely. She could not read, watch TV, do her computer work, or do routine sustained activities. Her swelling and bruising were much more severe and she had some pain. As a result she was uncomfortable and a bit whiny, whereas I was chipper and active.

Given my personal experience and this side-by-side comparison, I truly believe in the miracle of the OcuMend gel pads. As I told my doctor, even if my bruising and swelling had been at the normal recovery rate (mine may have been faster) it would have been worth it to use the gel pads, simply because they were so easy and convenient to use and spared me the agony of the icing procedure. That is a priceless benefit, especially to people who can’t afford a long downtime. Being able to function normally from the get-go—computer time, reading, watching TV, driving, doing light housework, cooking, etc.—makes upper bleph surgery a breeze. You’ll be so happy!