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OcuMend Gel Pads Now Available to Speed Healing After Facial Procedures

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Containing 50x greater arnica potency than other available products, newly available OcuMend gel pads from Cearna are designed to eliminate bruising, swelling, and pain following facial cosmetic procedures. According to the company, data from a 27 patient case study show that 89% of patients who used OcuMend recovered faster; nearly two-thirds (62%) of patients reduced their recovery by five to seven days.  
The patent-pending technology delivers a healing combination of arnica and ledum in a first-of-its kind topical hydrogel pad.The comfortable, healing gel pad is applied immediately after injections, such as cosmetic fillers or toxins, and invasive procedures, such as rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty. The pads contain no adhesives and provide a cooling sensation to the skin. The patches can be used in the office or applied by patients at home.