Instructions For Use – Post-Injection Procedure

Two Sleeves (4 pads) per patient

  1. Wear one pad on each side of the face (surface area matters)
  2. Apply pads immediately after injections for 15 minutes to 6 hours
  3. 2nd set of pads should be applied and worn overnight
  • Clean face: OcuMend will not penetrate through creams/gels
  • Gel pads are no longer effective after 6 hours of application to the skin
  • Delaying application may increase bruising; apply cold packs over OcuMend (not wet)
  • Pads should be applied over or as close as possible to injection sites
  • Do not freeze OcuMend
  • Do not cut up pads
  • Some patients don’t like to wear the pads when leaving the office:
    • Put them behind the ear (OcuMend spreads to about a 6 inch radius)
    • Put them on for 15 minutes, put in a plastic bag and have them reapply when they get home
    • Remember, the trade-off will be, wear them now or bruise later

Increase Dosage If a Patient Still Bruises

By increasing the dosage you should be able to prevent nearly all patients from bruising.  Increase dosage by:

  • Increasing the duration of dosage
  • Increasing the number of pads on the face immediately after dermal filler injections

If your patient is still experiencing bruising after making these modifications, please contact our office.

increase dosage