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Post-Filler Treatment

12-18 hour application of 4 pads

1.  Place 4 pads immediately after injection for 6 hours

2.  Replace pads and apply 4 more pads for another 6 hours or overnight

3.  3rd 6 hour application (18 hours total) as needed for bad bruisers

If necessary apply immediately after injection for at least 15-20 minutes, seal in ziplock bag and have patient reapply for 5+ hours at home

Clean face- will not penetrate through creams/gels

Gel pads are no longer effective after 6 hours of application to the skin

Delaying application may increase bruising, apply cold packs over OcuMend (not wet)

Pads should be applied over or as close as possible to injection sites

The arnica spreads 6 inches around the pads so avoid areas that move

Do not cut pads as it will decrease potency