Instructions For Use:
Post-Surgical Procedure

One Box per patient

  1. Apply the gel pads below the eyes immediately after surgery.
  2. Give the box of OcuMend to the patient to take home and follow enclosed patient instructions.
  3. First 48 hours Post-Op, wear pads continuously, replacing pads every 6 hours. Pads can be worn to bed.
  4. Day 3 through 6 wear pads to bed.
  • Clean face: OcuMend will not penetrate creams/gels
  • Gel pads are no longer effective after 6 hours of application to the skin
  • Do not apply over wounds or sutures
  • For upper eyelid surgery, pads should be applied below the eyes
  • Dry cold packs may be used over the gel pads as directed by physician
  • If gel pads get wet – remove and replace
  • Do not freeze OcuMend
  • Do not cut up the pads