Prevent Bruising after Cosmetic Injections

  • Comfortable, Healing Gel Pad
  • Delivers active ingredients, Arnica and Ledum, directly to site of injection over an extended period of time
  • 50 times stronger than all other Arnica creams and tablets

Bruise Test Results

We developed a test to induce a deep purple bruise to verify the efficacy of OcuMend. As seen below, a deep purple bruise always develops with this test when only a placebo gel is applied. OcuMend is so effective in reducing bruising that sometimes we can only find the location of impact by a target dot placed on the skin.
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If we can prevent this severe bruising, imagine how OcuMend can help you!

Drop Test Comparison

With OcuMend, the bruise never happened!

Cearna is the only company that guarantees patient satisfaction for the elimination of bruising after cosmetic injection procedures. If you are not 100% satisfied with results, we will replace the product.

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