“I was very skeptical about OcuMend’s efficacy because I have had mixed results with arnica on bruising, pain or swelling caused by dermal fillers. I tried OcuMend on over 15 patients that have the highest propensity for bruising and found the results to be remarkable. The patients’ feedback was that OcuMend was terrific and they were very pleased with the results.  They had minimal to no bruising, when previously they may have had bruises for up to two weeks. My staff and I are amazed at how well it works on our patients. It has to be the hydrogel technology that makes the arnica pads so effective. We are now working to incorporate it into our dermal filler protocol.”

Dr. Craig Teller, Houston Dermatologist


Prevent Bruising After Cosmetic Procedures

  • Clinically proven to prevent bruising, pain and swelling
  • 50 times higher potency than all other arnica products
  • Medical grade arnica hydrogel pad
  • Containing Ledum for periorbital ecchymosis (black eyes)

OcuMend’s ultra-penetrating nanotechnology™ is clinically proven to prevent bruising. In clinical studies, OcuMend prevented the severe bruising caused by a 3 pound weight dropped on the skin.

Drop Test Comparison

Designed for plastic surgery, dermatology and dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm®

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