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Bruising Matters

Dermal Filler Treatments

OcuMend’s patented ultra-penetrating nanotechnology will dramatically reduce your bruising. You no longer need to hide after using dermal fillers like Restylane® and Juvederm®. Schedule your filler appointment with confidence and don’t worry about canceling your work and social activities for days. OcuMend allows you to go directly to beautiful without fear.

no bruising lip filler

“I have been injected three times in and around the lips and I always bruise severely. I was amazed that I did not have the severe bruising with OcuMend.”

Kate, dermal filler patient, Illinois.

“I would call the results of the OcuMend patch amazing!!  This morning when I took off the second patch the difference was incredible.  I’m a believer-I bruise and it usually takes forever to resolve.”

Deitra, filler patient in Houston, TX.

“I am Dr. Zamora’s practice manager, and recently did a laser face lift as well as the Celulaze procedure on my outer thighs. This is an invasive procedure since the laser probe is inserted under the skin. I am a bruiser, and I usually bruise from Botox injections. I was planning to look battered for at least 2 weeks so I cleared my schedule to account for healing time.

Dr. Zamora followed the protocol with the OcuMend placing the pads on my face prior to and immediately post procedure, and I continued as directed at home. I had zero bruising on my face and minimal on my thighs. My face looked so good that after 2 days I stopped the pads on my face and started applying them to my thighs instead. The bruising on my legs was completely resolved in less than a week. I am a believer! We are thrilled with this product!”

Hanna, filler and laser patient in Denver, CO.

Facial Surgery Treatments

Bruise test results

“I had upper blepharoplasty surgery (upper eyelids) and used Cearna OcuMend healing gel pads to minimize post-surgery bruising, swelling and pain; and, to accelerate the healing process. WOW!!!! They worked as advertised and my healing process was painless and fast. I was mobile immediately and able to quickly resume my normal life. I did not need pain medication nor ice, which is the traditional post-surgical process. That is HUGE! Icing every twenty minutes for the first 48 hours after surgery is a major hassle and often disables the patient, making it difficult to work on the computer, read, watch TV and be fully mobile. With the OcuMend pads, I was fully functioning immediately, and had none of the afore-mentioned drawbacks. Not having to ice to achieve this quick recovery is “priceless” to me!”

Lucia, blepharoplasty patient in Tampa Bay, FL.

“I loved using OcuMend gel pads. It allowed me to be very active in my recovery. I am a believer in arnica so the gel pads were very appealing to me. They felt good and refreshing on my face. The pads are easy to use, fit well, stay in place, and don’t hurt when you take them off. Aesthetically, the shape and color of the pads are right on!

I have had other cosmetic work and am a bruiser. However, after using the gel pads, I had hardly any bruising or swelling when I went back to the surgeon. I felt that they helped tremendously, and I love them.”

Karen A, blepharoplasty patient in San Francisco, CA.

“I had my eyelid surgery on a Friday morning and used the gel pads at home for the next 24 hours. The pads were cool and felt very nice. They are convenient and easy to apply – I could change them in the dark at night with no problem. When I went for my follow-up visit the next day, my doctor was very impressed and said I did very well. I had no bruising, and I can tell the difference. The gel pads are a great product.”

Ederlita K, blepharoplasty patient in San Francisco, CA.