Bruising Can Give Away Your Anti-Aging Tricks; OcuMend® Keeps Your Secret Safe

no bruising lip filler

Actual Photo of Kate After OcuMend

“I have been injected three times in and around the lips and I always bruise severely. I was amazed that I did not have the severe bruising with OcuMend. …” Kate M. 

Banish Bruising!

OcuMend Prevents Even The Worst Bruises
OcuMend’s patented ultra-penetrating nanotechnology will dramatically reduce your bruising. You no longer need to hide after using dermal fillers like Restylane®  and Juvederm®. Schedule your filler appointment with confidence and don’t worry about canceling your work and social activities for days. OcuMend allows you to go directly to beautiful without fear.

Comfortable Cooling Sensation

The OcuMend medical grade gel pads provide a cooling sensation after injections. OcuMend delivers the natural arnica you trust, with 50 times the potency of any competitive product.