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Dr. Josephine Polich


Dr. Josephine Polich discovered the ultra-penetrating nanotechnology through her unique analytical approach to the common ingredient arnica developed by her strong materials science and engineering background.

Dr. Polich attained extensive engineering experience at prominent companies including IBM, Alcatel, and the technology startup Tele-TV. Her roles included multi-million dollar project implementations, and as director of engineering she was responsible for all key elements of product development including design, manufacturing, and testing.

Prior to launching Cearna, Dr. Polich ran a successful homeopathic clinical practice with a multiple-month waiting list.  She also taught as an adjunct professor at the National University of Health Sciences.  She is a guest lecturer at the University of Chicago MBA program and has lectured at the University of Michigan.  Watch University of Michigan’s interview with Dr. Polich on entrepreneurship below.

To address the lack of high potency topical gels available in the market, Dr. Polich developed Cearna’s innovative technology for her patients.  Dr. Polich conducted extensive evaluation of the technology before introducing the first high potency arnica gel to the aesthetics market.

Dr. Polich holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Virginia and dual bachelor’s degrees in engineering from the University of Michigan. She earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National University of Health Sciences.